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Wer bin ich?

Sebastian Singh Deol was born and is raised in Hamburg, Germany in 1987. Son of two loving parents from Germany and India, two wonderful cultures. Sebastian has studied B. Eng. Mechanical Engineering fulltime to work for Daimler AG in Stuttgart, southern Germany, as Project Manager. To further grow and learn he has started and accomplished his M. Sc. in Industrial Engineering in parallel with an emphasis in entrepreneurship. After working for Daimler he moved to United Kingdom to work for Bentley Motors Ltd. to help build beautiful luxury cars. In his career, he has had many different jobs and worked in his life since he was a little boy. In his professional career, he has worked mainly for global leading brands in operational and strategic environments, which developed his mindset for results, luxury, performance. He is still eager to learn a lot, doing so by reading and visiting many seminars. That's the reason why he calls himself a “Seminar Junkie”. Sebastians mission is to enable all people to better use their human potential to reach fulfillment in life, in all areas of life. Therefore he has created a coaching platform and is developing further coaching products, digitally and physically, for example the 'Life Performance Planner'. He is dreaming of a full universe of coaching products to better support people on their individual journey.


- Bereits mehrere Start-ups gegründet, welche fehlgeschlagen sind.
- Als Produktmanager und Projektmanager in internationalen Konzernen gearbeitet.
- Interdisziplinare Verantwortung und Leitung von Projektteams
- Gründung der Life Performance World
- Autor und Speaker zum Thema "Life Performance"


B. Eng. Produktionstechnik & -Management
M. Sc. Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen


    • sebastian
      03/07/2019 at 23:00

      Großartiger Gründer, mit dem man super zusammenarbeiten kann. Extrem engagiert und hilfsbereit!





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